Three Ways to Beat Bingo

Bingo is one of the more leisurely gambling pursuits in the world and certainly one which carries a lot less scope for casino online fans to develop a defined strategy than other games; however in this guide we have outlined three tips to help you beat it if you want to take advantage of your Unibet bonus. Because of bingo's unpredictable nature the advice here should be treated more as guidelines rather than hard and fast rules you always abide by. Take the information, digest it and then apply it in the best way possible.

Be Alert: Although this is a somewhat obvious piece of advice, it's one that's necessary. Indeed, the pace of a game can often overwhelm novice players so if you're new to the game you need to make sure you can keep up with the action. Moreover, if you're an experienced player employing the Granville technique then it will count for nothing if you miss an important final number.

Play Like The Expert: Joseph E. Granville explained that if a player could buy a ticket for a game on which the average of its numbers are close to 50% of the amount of balls in play, then they would improve their chances of winning. This is because the average of the drawn balls should, 10 times out of 10, move towards 50% the amount of balls in play. So, pretending you're playing a 70 ball game, seek a ticket that has an average of 35.

More, More, More: If you know the amount of tickets in play just before the start of a bingo game then you can improve your chances of winning by purchasing more than the average. Let's say as an example that one hundred players have all purchased a couple of tickets each. In this instance, each player has a two per cent chance of winning (two divided by 100 equals 0.02). So if you purchase more than 2 tickets you should theoretically improve your chances of success.

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