Bingo Halls Powered By Parlay Software

One of the most popular online games played at the many casinos on the Internet is Bingo. Most casinos have a bingo hall where players can play this game, and there are many variations of this game available. For the thousands of persons who play bingo online at the many different bingo halls, one thing is certain - many of these Bingo halls are being powered by Parley software.

The Parley software is developed by Parley Entertainment Inc, which leads the pack where the development of online bingo solutions is concerned. Located in Canada, they are also one of the major licensor of said bingo solutions. Parley is the very first company worldwide to create and bring to the market a bingo product.

Bingo halls powered by Parley software all feature downloadable applications that players can use right away. They also offer browser and wireless applications that are compatible with many of the browsers out there such as Windows and Linux. They also offer software applications for other games including casino and lottery games. They offer some very innovative applications that support certain programs such as affiliate programs.

Parlay Entertainment runs no casino or bingo hall websites of their own, as they focus on the technology that drives these sites. When they began marketing their bingo software technology, they started out with 75-ball software. This was the standard game format that was being played in North America. At present, they also market a 90-ball bingo game technology, and this is complemented by a full array of casino games. The 90-ball game is the norm in the UK bingo. A relatively new feature of their Bingo hall software is the Chatterbox feature, which allows moderators to adequately marshal the different chat rooms all at the same time.

Some of the bingo websites that use Parlay software include the following:

Bingo halls powered by Parley software has allowed them the ability to make bonus offers and to offer players a variety of games including casino games. There are up to 300 unique Bingo games available. Many of these sites use different features that are built into the software depending on what they want.

These bingo halls will have more space available to their operators and advertisers, so they can develop their chosen theme. The bingo halls that use the Parlay software will also not look like any other similar themed websites.

This along with the ability for operators to manipulate the software features has allowed new players to differentiate between the better new sites and those that are not worth a visit. Bingo halls can also add their own features and use the software to develop the kind of website that best suits their needs and that is very attractive to their new and old customers. Thus, sites with the Parlay software tend to offer quality bingo game play.

The Parlay bingo software allow websites to be much more interactive in their design and have some very useful community based features. They also allow multi-player functions, so many players can play bingo at the same time.

Many of the better-known Bingo brands use Parlay bingo software, and many of them are located in different parts of the world. From Microsoft Network UK Bingo, Lycos Bingo, TGN bingo Network, to Bet24, they all use this software. It must be noted that Bingo halls powered by Parley software do not accept US based players.

Bingo halls powered by Parley software are growing day by day, and this will surely bring about many more innovations and site building features that users can employ.

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