Mobile Gaming Is the Next Big Thing Happening Right Now

Gambling has evolved together with humanity. Playing games for money has been a faithful companion of man throughout history - it was there in the trenches during wars and in the saloons of the Wild West. No wonder it has remained a popular pastime today. And in the last two decades or so it has become accessible to anyone thanks to the internet.

But the devices used to play have evolved once again, and the games themselves have evolved with them. Today's people carry miniature computers around in their pockets - we call them smartphones. And casino games have "invaded" these, too, helping their players to more easily access them wherever they are.

Mobile casinos have been through an evolutionary process similar to those of "traditional" online casinos - only a bit faster. Royal Vegas started out with just a handful of games running on Java-powered phones - there were no smartphones back in the day. The (r)evolutionary step came in 2007, with the launch of a phone more powerful than anything before it, and with a screen so huge that seemed unimaginable at the time - the iPhone. Since then mobile casino games have evolved a lot, leveraging the increased processing power of the devices. The result is a set of games that is on par with the desktop ones, offering the same visuals, the same music and the same immersive gaming experience.

Royal Vegas is among the casinos with a single game provider that offers one of the biggest variety of mobile games. Players at Royal Vegas can now play with over 80 games when on the go, with several progressive jackpots to be won. Royal Vegas game library covers games from every category - from table games to video poker, plus a series of video slot machines, including some of the latest releases from Microgaming. And the list is constantly expanding, as mobile casino gaming is becoming more and more popular.

The last few years have brought forward new platforms for casino games to explore - and Microgaming, the developer behind Royal Vegas casino, is eager to explore them. The company has already checked out wearables from the list, releasing its first video slot machine that runs on an Android Wear device. It has also showcased its first attempts to increase the immersion of players in casino games by presenting the first demo of a virtual reality video slot.

Mobile gambling is what we call "the next big thing", and this big thing is happening right now. Players can play casino games, bingo and keno on their smartphones, engage in poker games and place sports bets if they like. And its evolution is far from being over.

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