A Guide to Bingo Superstitions

Bingo is truly a game of luck, with players' fortunes determined by the luck of the bingo draw. So it's no surprise to find that bingo players, by and large, are a superstitious bunch, determined to boost their luck in a variety of ways. Many players have lucky charms or rituals that they believe bring them better luck, whether they're playing at their local bingo hall or online at bingo sites like Jackpotjoy.

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These superstitions aren't confined to the world of bingo. How many times have you 'knocked on wood', for example? Sports players often have a pair of lucky shorts, or have a specific routine they feel they have to carry out before games to avoid bad luck on the field. Students sitting exams will also often carry a lucky charm, or even have a lucky pair of socks to wear, that give them comfort and boost their confidence when it's time to turn over their papers.

Good Luck Charms

Studies have shown that up to 72% of the population carries a lucky charm. Pay a visit to any bingo hall and amidst the bingo cards on the tables you'll see an array of lucky rabbit's feet, soft toys, lucky jewellery, trinkets, troll dolls, ornaments and more. Some players will always wear a lucky accessory or item of clothing, such as a scarf or brooch, or lay lucky coins out across the top of their cards. Those who play at home on sites like Jackpotjoy will often do the same. Do these trinkets really work? Well, as bingo is a game of chance, the chances are slim! But they do help players feel more confident, and it's a way for them to liven up their games too.

Do you have a Lucky Seat?

Many regular bingo players like to sit in a specific seat at their local bingo hall, especially if they've had a big win or two while sitting in that specific seat. But seats aren't available at online bingo sites like Jackpotjoy! That doesn't stop Jackpotjoy players from choosing the next best thing to boost their luck – playing in specific games. Games are spaced throughout the day at sites like Jackpotjoy, often 24 hours a day, and some players prefer to play the same game at a specific time each day, when they've had good luck at that hour of the day before.

Lucky Games

This is a lucky superstition that's specific to online sites like Jackpotjoy. Real life bingo halls typically offer up only one kind of game, but online bingo halls offer a whole host of different bingo variations. Some feel that luck is on their side more often when they play Bingo 75 rather than Bingo 90, and vice versa.

Lucky Numbers

Numbers have been associated with luck and superstitions for centuries. The number seven is considered incredibly lucky in some cultures, while considered a curse in others. The number thirteen may be lucky for some, but it's also the reason people fear a run of bad luck every time a Friday 13th roll around on the calendar. Bingo players have their own lucky and unlucky numbers, depending on the numbers that have helped them on the way to big wins (or losses) in the past. When players receive their bingo cards, they'll often look to see whether their lucky number is on their, and in games where you're allowed to choose your own cards, they will, without fail, try to purchase cards that feature that lucky winning number.

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