Bingo Halls Powered by Globalcom Software

There are presently a number of Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software. Of the Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software, players can enjoy bingo online gaming at sites like Bingo Fabulous, Bingo Scotland, Champagne Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Mirror Bingo, Safari Bingo, Spectra Bingo, 888Ladies Bingo, and Wink Bingo. Of the nine Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software, the latter halls are actually powered by 888 Holdings, since the 888 Holdings Group recently acquired GlobalCom. The acquisition of Globalcom Limited occurred last March in 2007 and 888 Holdings made the purchase of the company for a price tag of more than 43 million dollars.

The 888 Holdings Group decided to buy up GlobalCom Limited because the company felt that the addition of Bingo gaming options would better diversify the companies gaming options; 888 Holdings recognized the significant appeal of virtual Bingo gaming and in a move that would profit both the company and online Bingo fans, 888 Holdings concluded the purchase of the popular software provider, Globalcom, last March.

The company plans to continue to improve the software applications it supplies to Bingo fans and gamblers all over the world by continuing to develop its line of products by incorporating the latest technological advances. 888Holdings encourages responsible gaming practices, and seeks to continuously improve upon its present software applications and products. Crisp, sharp graphic images are supported by powerful technologies, and Globalcom, known more commonly known under its new name 888Holdings, is a big hit in the Bingo virtual gaming industry due to its superlative presentation and diverse feature offerings.

There are presently three standalone virtual gambling sites or Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software: Wink Bingo, 888Ladies Bingo, and FoxyBingo. The latter three sites supply great graphics and an interactive gaming experience. In addition, the latter three sites confine participation to members that have signed up with one of the three exclusive standalone sites. There are sites that partake of networking with other sites which are still Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software, which include sites like Bingo Fabulous, Posh Bingo, and Bingo JetSet.

At the current Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software, gamblers can choose to automatically have bingo cards marked when numbers are drawn or they can opt to manually mark cards when Bingo balls are pulled. A limit is place on how many cards a player can buy which is currently set at 24 cards per Bingo gaming opportunity. All of the Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software supply members with bingo rooms accompanied by superlative chat features, card sorting features, bingo gaming countdowns, and the option to change Bingo cards before making the final bingo card purchase.

Globalcom software applications supply the bingo player with a great list of features to enjoy and to enhance the bingo gaming experience. Pre buying of bingo game cards is a feature that many bingo players appreciate, and the software application is simple to use and navigate. Via the option button selection in the application, the bingo player can make selections pertaining to the bingo games supplied by Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software, and the use of the software is a customizable experience.

Players can elect to see gaming animations, and bingo cards will indicate what numbers the player needs to get bingo if the player decides to choose such an option. Auto daubing capabilities or manual daubing choices are also presented to players using Bingo halls powered by Globalcom software. What is more, players get chat features where they can chat with other bingo gaming enthusiasts. Finally, all of the sites that use GlobalCom software are highly diverse in terms of gaming offers, supply players with enticing bonuses and equally enticing loyalty benefits.

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