Bingo Rules

One of the easiest games to play is bingo. There is not anything to memorize and no tricks to learn in bingo rules. You simply need to understand a few basic rules and some bingo strategies.

Basically, bingo is a game of chance, sort of like playing keno or the lottery. The biggest difference is, in bingo, the numbers are continually drawn until there is a winner. A player receives a card that contains twenty-five small squares on it. All but one of the squares has a number. The other one is a free space, located in the middle square. This is an empty space that does not need to be filled. A player has the option of playing more than one card per game.

Bingo rules give you several variations on the game. The basic object is to get the correct number of spaces filled before anyone else does. A number on the board can be anything from one to seventy five. The bingo caller draws a new number every few seconds until a player gets a bingo. The player then places a marker on the matching number of their card. Bingo is achieved by forming a straight line of spaces that match the called numbers. The line can run vertical, diagonal, or horizontal on the card. Vertical and horizontal rows need five spaces filled while a diagonal only needs four numbers because the free space will be included.

Once your numbers complete the line or pattern of the game you are playing, you yell "Bingo" or "House." The first person to do so is the winner and receives a prize. In the case of online bingo, online bingo software marks your numbers automatically in addition to calling out "Bingo" for you.

Typically, a bingo card is made up of a five by five grid of twenty-five spots. There are columns with the letters B, I, N, G, and O at the top. Each card contains different numbers but each letter only carries a certain range. For example, the B column will only contain numbers between 1 and 15. The letter I column carries numbers sixteen through thirty and the N column has number 31 to forty five and the free space. The G and the O columns carry numbers forty-six to sixty and sixty-one to seventy-five, respectively.

Bingo rules are simple to learn and easy to remember. There are a variety of patterns and games played with the bingo card. You might have an "any line" game where you win with any line, vertically, diagonally or horizontally. Another variation is where the winner must fill a specific line, such as diagonally only or vertical lines only.

Some of the other patterns include the four corners, blackout, an X and other complex patterns must be achieved to win. The more complex patterns often have higher winnings for hitting bingo.

Read the posted rules either at an online site or local hall before the session begins. Also look for special handouts printed especially for that game.

Typically you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Online bingo games are played with either 75-ball or 90-ball rules. Basically, all you need to win is to get the right numbers in the correct pattern. The 75-ball bingo version is the game normally played in the United States and Canada. The bingo board contains 75 numbers while the UK board contains 90 numbers.

The general bingo rules will vary from one place to the next, whether you play at the local bingo hall or online. The great thing about this game is there are so few bingo rules that almost anyone can learn the game quickly. When you learn the basic bingo rules, you will find bingo an enjoyable game.

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