Bingo Glossary

  • Blackout - Commonly referred to as a coverall, this is fairly self explanatory. To win you must cover the entire bingo card.
  • Bonanza - This is a bingo game that is a progressive blackout. It is usually the thirteenth game of the series. It begins with forty-five numbers being drawn, which players then mark on separate cards. The numbers in the countdown begin at 48 numbers or less and go up one per week to 52 or someone wins. There is usually an extra charge to play normally about a $1.
  • Caller - Pretty self explanatory also, this is the person whose job it is to call out the numbers in a bingo game.
  • Chat Room - Many bingo sites have areas where you can converse with other players; this is called a chat room.
  • Coverall - Also known as a black out. You must cover all the numbers on your bingo card to win.
  • Dauber - A bingo dauber is a marking pen, normally and ink filled container with a foam like tip. You can use this to mark off the numbers as they are called.
  • Early Bird Game - The first game, it usually begins much earlier than the main event.
  • Free Space - This is the space at the very center of your card. Similar to a wild card, it is free to use during any game and counts as part of a winning line.
  • Game Board - A visual representation of the current game in play that allows everyone to know what balls have been played.
  • Game Room - On some sited the games are divided into specific game rooms.
  • G.T.I - This is an electronic dauber that allows a player to mark more than one card at a time. There is normally a fee associated with renting it and only one allowed per gamer.
  • Hard way Bingo - This is achieving a bingo in a straight line without the aid of the free spot.
  • Jackpot - The main prize mainly given for difficult games in which a blackout is achieved in a specific amount of balls called.
  • Top of the Hour Jackpot - Specific bingo games that have a large jackpot and take place once every hour, on the hour.
  • Minimum Buy-in - The specific amount of money that you must spend to win prizes. You can spend more this is simply the minimum required.
  • Money Ball - The caller will draw a ball before play begins, if bingo is hit on that number the winner will receive double the amount.
  • Pattern - The specific shape created by the covering of called numbers that you need to win; generally it is a straight line.
  • Progressive Jackpot - The cash prize that grows larger until won.
  • Rainbow Pack - A pack of cards that allows you to play for multiple prizes at one time.
  • Six-pack or Nine-pack - Describes six or nine numbers called that are physically close.
  • T.E.D. (see GTI above)
  • Validation - Eligibility you need to win extra prizes. The cost will vary according to how many cards you play.
  • Wild Number - Commonly played on a double or triple bingo, the first number out of the cage determines wild. For instance if it is 42 any number ending in two can be marked off.
  • Card, Bingo card - Contains 24 numbered squares and one free space in the middle. It is comprised of 5 rows by 5 columns with the column are labeled individually B. I. N. G. O. The object is to cover a specific pattern or the whole card in a blackout.
  • Payout % - Amount of the sales that are paid out in prizes by the house.
  • Sign up Bonus - Many online sites are offering first time players a sign up bonus. It is usually equal to your initial deposit, so if you have $50 you will receive another $50 in your account to be used on the site.

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