Betfair Bingo with many Otters

If you’ve seen the latest TV ad from Betfair advertising its bingo wares, you may be forgiven for being a bit confused. It seems to feature a donkey in a living room, a flock of pink flamingos, a tropical paradise and otters – lots and lots of otters with a cry of “otters!” at the end of the ad.

So quite what this is all about, we have absolutely no idea. But when a company the size of Betfair enters the online mobile bingo gaming market in such a big way, you have to sit up and take notice.

Of course, you also have to take a lot of notice of the free bonus bingo cash on offer which runs to a very respectable £40 for £10 deposited – so a nice £30 to get you started playing on your mobile in a tropical paradise – or with otters seemingly.

There are certainly some exciting games on the site which is generally far better known for its sports-book than its casino, bingo and other online games. If you’re the sort of person who likes to flit between the two – having a bit of fun whilst travelling, for example, by playing online bingo, slots or casino games etc., whilst saving the more seriously shrewd punts on spots for other times – then it’s a great site to be a part of as it’s so quick and easy to switch between the two.

What’s more – on the sports book, it’s easy to leave your selections ready to back or lay at prices you hope to achieve - and to leave the bid or offer available online. It’s then easy to check on your mobile whether or not your bets have been matched by other punters in the same way as any other market works. But it’s this factor which sets Betfair apart from all the other traditional “High Street” and online bookmakers. Betfair is an exchange so you can decide whether or not you’re happy with a price whether buying or selling – and let the market know the price at which you are ready to deal – rather than simply taking the bookies’ offering.

The fact that you can play bingo with free cash to begin with is an added bonus. As for the otters – we really don’t know!

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